Password GENESIS

Password GENESIS 1.2

Your Ultimate Password Generator

Your Ultimate Password Generator

In a world where hackers are at large, you need a powerful password to encrypt your work. I present you this powerful application of less then 256kb that enables you to take full control on what passwords you create. Password GENESIS has the ability to do the following:

* Generate a super strong password up to 2048 characters

* Generate, not 1, 10 or 100 BUT 1000s of passwords at the same time (software limited to 10000 due to low end machines)

* Generate passwords that include:

- Numbers

- Capital Letters

- Lower Case Letters

- Punctuation


* Export the viewport to a text file!

You can use your custom string for generating a password and you have the ability to save all the passwords to a text file easily. You can even generate multiple passwords simultaneously.

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Password GENESIS


Password GENESIS 1.2

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  • by Anonymous

    Easy way to create very secure passwords. Can easily save the passwords for ease of access..   More